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The best value for money

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Channels and functionalities
Channels and functionalities

Evolution creates easier, more efficient and more productive relationships between companies and their clients.

The ICR-Evolution software has functionalities such as Intelligent Call Routing (ACD / ICR), self-service with voice recognition (IVR) in over 20 languages, predictive dialer, CTI, scripting tools, media flow design and Omnichannel media management, aside from the latest, cutting edge technology on the market. Everything, under a single architecture.
Moreover, agents will be able to deal with interactions from different origins while using the same interface. It combines call groups with Tweeter messages, emails, chat requests, back-office tasks, etc.

Dashboard-like view; controlling data such as: calls in queue, dropped calls, abandoned calls, service level, content of multi-channel interactions, etc.
Reports and supervision
It provides your management team with a full view of the center’s activity in real time, as well as access to historical reports.
Business rules
It allows management of service levels in multiple campaigns while maintaining personalized business rules for each campaign or channel.


Increase quality of service and reduce agent burn-out.

Efficiently manage calls. Your agents will answer calls from different services with automated screen pop-ups which show client business data. Aside from this, you will be able to build up applications that adapt to your business needs and combined with campaigns stats and reports, will give you a more comprehensive view of your Contact Center’s activity.
It defines delivery policies through which calls are treated by the best qualified agents; it sets up different call routing policies among your agents and provides special treatment to the call when there are queue congestions or closed queues.
Through voice self-service, users will help themselves, will quickly find what they need and will reduce their frustration to the minimum. Available 24/7!
With Evolution you will record all communications at your contact center, locate them and listen to them easily. You can also use them to enhance your service quality or as a backup to your sales.


The fastest way to connect with your clients through your website!

Create a bond with your customers by offering them real-time assistance through video, text or a call. Help your customers with their purchases or guide them wherever they wish to go.

No doubt, the chat is the fastest and easiest way for your clients to contact you, even to ask for face-to-face support to buy a product from your e-commerce.

Then, assess the service at the end of each conversation and detect where you need to improve, having the customer’s feed-back in real time.



Three simple applications to optimize your Contact Center


With iAgent, your agents will have real time information and everything they need to provide your clients with a better and faster service.

Thanks to the history of interactions, the customer’s experience will be completely satisfactory, since they will no longer have to repeat information that has already been provided through other channels or by other agents. iAgent will allow you to develop loyalty with your clients while providing a personalized service and making each interaction become a unique and special experience.


Your contact center management will be easier and faster adapting quickly to changes in your business.

Through Manager, and thanks to its web interface, you will be able to easily set up your services, your agents and their profiles; as well as measure your clients’ satisfaction and the productivity of your teams.
With Manager, your supervisors will monitor in real time the degree of accomplishments of their SLAs, the agents' activity and the platform’s performance. Furthermore, they will set up and customize their dashboards to bring together the most relevant information for them at a single glance.
Wherever they are, with a desktop PC, a laptop or a tablet, the supervisors will be more productive managing the Contact Center and more efficient when running changes in their configuration.


Don’t waste time developing complicated applications.

With Designer, you will define dynamic flows allowing you to implement an intelligent call routing through the agents’ scripts quickly and easily, using market standard technology, no need for specific technical resources and with the use of a simple drag & drop interface.
Designer will allow you to intuitively conceive your multi-channel flows; outline time rules, activate a voice self-service and define call-backs; all without requiring any programing knowledge or the need to have developers on staff.
Test your designs before putting them into production. Correct the possible points of failure or bottlenecks and modify your scripts and function in real time, without stopping your Contact Center.


Integrate evolution with your business applications without your life.

Evolution offers an open architecture and user API that enables exchange of information with third party applications. Transmitting relevant information from a multi-channel to your business applications, whether they are CRMs or ERPs, in order to determine the value of a customer or to enhance up-sales as well as cross sales.

The ability to integrate applications and existing corporate data bases allows protecting investments made in these infrastructures and enhances their potential.

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