Ekiom Customer Centric

Ekiom unites your customers anywhere, anytime. Ekiom supports you in the optimization of your relationship with the customer and the development of your sales.

A multi-channel Call Center solution with many functionalities: interactive voice system, emails, voice SMS, social networks, statistical and monitoring reports.

Evaluate interactions with customers across all communication channels, analyze and review the quality of the product delivered, and automate the customer satisfaction process.

Why ICR evolution?

ICR evolution is present in France through Ekiom to offer French companies the same quality of service that it contributes successfully in Spain and Latin America.

Reach your goals with the evolution solution: more benefits, faster deployment and a warranty service.

Ekiom allows you to control your activity, to have the supervision and the reports in every interaction with the client, from all communication channels.

Focus on the “heart of your business” without any functional limitation or growth.