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Our company

Over 25 years innovating in the field of communication

What and How?

In ICR evolution we have been developing innovative solutions for over 25 years in order to enhance the experience between organizations and their clients. Our main focus is to create easier, more efficient and more productive relationships.
Since the beginning, the company has been growing, while the focus on our clients has never changed. Hundreds of yearly downloads attest to the quality, flexibility and stability of our products.

Thanks to them, today, Evolution is one of the most complete and used Contact Center solutions throughout Spain and Latin America.

ICR evolution is formed by a group of very talented young professionals, passionate at what we do, committed to our clients and coworkers, while balancing our personal lives. We are a modern, dynamic and responsible team, open to the world and willing to help.

Who are we?

Management team

Gabi Navarro

Javier Gimeno

Jordi Costa

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